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           ( Time : 3-1/4 Hours
    Maximum Marks :80

Q.1) Read the passage given below and answer the question thet follow:- [ 9 ]
::--In india march 8th has been Women,s Day for several decades. It received a major boost during the tenure of prime Minister Indira Gandhi and later, prime minister Rajeev Gandhi, who made it a practice to invite a large number of 'women of substance, to a celebratory get-together in delhi. As More and more indian women become awaer of their equal status and right of education and opportunity, march 8th Acquiers a greater and wider significance, Today , 21st century indian women celebrate their awesome achievements, they Continue to spell out their drem for recognizing their vision and contribution to the building of india.

Q.2) Read the following passage and answer the question that follow : [ 6 ]
::--Swami Vivkananda was born in an aristocratic Bengali Kayastha family of Calcutta on january 12,, 1863. Vivekananda,s parents influenced his thinking---his father by his rationality and his mother by her religious temperament. From hus His guru, ramakrishna, taught him advaita Vedanta (non-dualism); that all religions are true and that service to man the most effective worship of god. After the death of his guru, vivekananda become a wandering monk, touring the indian subcontinent and acquiring first-hand knowledge of conditins in india. A spritual genius of cmmanding intellect and power, vivekananda crammed immense labour and achevement into his short life.

Q.3) Write a notice inviting volunteers to works for a literacy compaing after school hours. [ 4 ]
                 ( Or )
Draw a poster highlighting the harmful effects of smoking & tobacco chewing. [ 4 ]

Q.4) You are manish/meena. You attended a seminar arranged for class 7 Students by Intel India Ltd. In jaipur on the topic How to Face competitive Examination with Confidence. Write a report of the seminar in about 100 words. [ 7 ]

                  ( Or )
You went for shoping to a crowded market place of your city. How did you pass thraugh the passage? What did you see and experience there? Give a factual description of it in about 100 Words. [ 7 ]

Q.5) You are principal of Govt. Sr. School, patan. Writan a letter to messrs swami Iron works, jaipur to place order for supply of 10 official chairs, one official table and five full size almirahs. [ 7 ]

                    ( Or )
You are sunil kumar sharma. Write a letter to the editor of the indian Express about democracy with special reference to india. [ 7 ]

Q.6) Look at the following visual input and using it, write an artical in 100 wards on 'Importance of Library, . You are Lavina/Lavlesh of Class 7. [ 7 ]

                 ( Or )
You are Haritima of class 7. You read a book on fast friends and fair-weather friends. Now you know their characterstics. Draft a sppech in 100 words on fast & fair-weather friends, [ 7 ]

Q.7) Read the extract given below and Answer the question that follow :
::--Surely shakespeare is wicked, the map a bad exampale, with ships and sun and love tempting them to steal---- For lives that slyly trun in their cramped holes form fog to endless night? On thair slag heap, these children wear skins peeped through by bones and spectacles of steel with mended glass, like bottle bits on stones all of thir maps with slims as big as doom.
(i) What does the expression their cramped holes' refer to? [ 2 ]
(ii) Whay dose the poet think that shakespeare and the map are bad? [ 1]
(iii) Find out the word from the above lines which means 'glasses' . [ 1 ]
The haurt to scenery wouldn't be my complaint so much as trusting sorrow of what is unsaid : Here far form the city we make our roadside stand and ask for some City money to feel in hand to try if it will not make our being expand.

(i) Metion the false promise the party in power make to the villagers.
(ii) What do the farmers expect from the ctiy people?
(iii) Find out the word from the above lines which means 'to become greater in size number or importance, .
Q.8) Abswer the following questing in 30-40 wards each : (Any three) [3×2=6]
(i) What does the poet say about the tall girl and the unnoted boy…? {An Elementary school classroom in a slum}
(ii) Do you think the poet advocates total inactivity and death…? { Keeping Quiet}
(iii) What is the 'childish longing' that the poet refers to…? {A roadside stand}
(iv) What is suggested by image 'massive weight of Uncle's wedding band'? {Aunt jennifer's tiger}

Q.9) Answer the following question in 30-40 Wards each : [ 4×2=8]
(i) what did Franz notice that was unusual about the school that day…? {The  last lesson}
(ii) How did this experience affect him…? { Deep water }
(iii) Why do you think the servants thought Gandhi to be another peasant…? { Indiogo }
(iv) Why do most celebrity writers despies being interviewed…? { The Interview }

Q.10) Ansewar the following questions in abouts : ( Any one ) [ 7 ]
(i) How, in your opinion, can mukesh realise his dream…? { Lost spring }
(ii) What socio-econmomic background did sophile belong to…? { Going places }

Q.11) Answer the following question in 125  Wards : ( Any one ) [ 7 ]
(i) Dr. Sadao was compelled by his duty as docter to help the enemy soldier. What made Hana, his wife sympathetic to him in the face of open defiance From the domestic sraff…? {The Enemy}
(ii) Reflecting  on the story, what did you feel about Evans' having the last laugh…? { Evans Tries An O-level}

Q.12) Answer the following questions in 30-40 Wards each : [ 4×2=8]
(i) Would charley ever go back to the tricket-counter on the third level to buy tickets to galesburg for himself and his wife…? { Teh third level}
(ii) what are the indication for the future or hamankind…? { journey to the end of the Earth ]
(iii) what made the narrator double up and shriek with laughter…? { We too are Human Beings}                       
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                           12th Sub-ENGLISH
                                                                 [EXCELLENT PASSBOOK]

Q.1 Page No.368 & 396 - Unseen Passage.
Q.2 Page No. 406 & 413 - Not making & Abstraction.
Q.3 Page No. 442 ka Ex- Meterimonial, Page No. 445 Ex-                             Advertisement(RentHome & RentOffice).
Q.4 Page No. 503- Interclass football Match & Power failures in Gadra.
Q.5 Page No. 531- Irrengular delivery of letter,  Page No. 537- Duplicate copy of marksheat secondary exam...
Q.6 Page No. 565 Artical [Female foeticide], Page No. 568                       Speech[Smoking a slient killer].
Q.7 Poems - Aunt Jennifer's tiger [ Stanza-1] & A thing of beauty [Stanza-1].
Q.8 (1) what does the poet want for the children of the slums? [Poem No. 2]
      (2) how does the poet differentiate between "Stillness" and "Total inactivity"? [Poem No.3]
       (3) why is "grendeur" associated with the mighty dead? [Poem No.4]
       (4) what does the tiger in the poem symbolize? [Poem No.6]
Q.9 (1) what explanation does the author offer for the children not wearing footwear? [Page No. 25]
        (2) why was the Douglas Determined to get over his fear of water? [Page No. 44]
        (3) why did he show the thirty kronor to the peddler? [Page No. 66]
        (4) why do you understand by the expression "thumbprints on his windpipe"? [Page No. 132]
Q.10 (1) Mention the hazards of working in the glass bangles Industry?
  What is the regean for the huge success of the noval the name of the rose?
Q.11(1) why is Antiaractica the place to go to understand the earth's present, past and future? [Page No. 257]
    What are phytoplanktones? In whta way are they usefull? [Page No.262]
   Give the character sketch of Dr.Sadao & Hana?
Q.12 (1) why do the people in the morden world want to escape? [Page No. 226]
          (2) what is a first day cover? [Page NO. 228]
          (3) why was th tiger hunting baned in pratibandapuram? [Page No. 245]
          (4) Narrate the ultimate end of the tiger king? [Page No. 246]
          (5) what is it that draws Derry to ward Mr.Lamb in spite of himself?  [Page No. 317]
          (6) character sketch of Evans?  [Page No. 443]
          (7) what advise did Annan offer Banna? 
          (8) why did Zitkala-Sa feel her freedom to have been lost? [ Page No.359]

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